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“Every learning session is a meeting opportunity. At Elul your inner world becomes rich and colorful” 

Dori Henman

Learning Communities

Learning and discussion in small groups about sources from the Jewish and Israeli canon in an open and egalitarian atmosphere. The meetings are held once a week or every two weeks, for six months to a year. The learning is carried out in small groups and chavruta (partners), under the guidance of a professional instructor and with the active participation of the members of the group. The learning communities are intended for people of different ages and backgrounds, who are looking for an opportunity to meet new people, to open up to different opinions, beliefs and worldviews. The learning community is a responsive environment for dialogue with Jewish sources and dialogue among people, for asking questions, for expanding horizons, and for connecting to our roots.

Students in the Community

A program for student groups, which combines studying in a Jewish-Israeli beit-midrash with social and community entrepreneurship. Students who are selected for the program live in neighborhoods in Jerusalem and work together to promote social and cultural initiatives in the surrounding community. They take part in guided study, educational tours, and creative workshops to encourage personal expression and community action in the spaces where the students live and work.

Tamuza Summer Camp for Creative Youth

A creative summer camp that brings together boys and girls, graduates of grades 9-11, from a variety of identities and cultures in Israeli society, for a personal and group journey in a space of dialogue and artistic creation. The camp lasts two weeks in the summer months and is guided by a professional team from the fields of education, Judaism and art. Art courses include music, theater and visual arts. The encounter among the youth in a creative environment enables learning, experimentation, exchange of ideas and opinions, self-expression and the creation of a new personal midrash. The camp gives a platform for young, curious and socially aware creators, enabling them to share creative processes and products, to express an inner voice and to promote artistic activism in the public space.

ELUL on the Road

Journeys and workshops with an experiential emphasis and an atmosphere of personal and group exploration. Strolling through historical, conceptual and social landscapes, and meetings with special people for inspiration, encouragement and action in life. The journeys the highlights of a series of educational meetings, which serve as the background and preparation for the journey and the conclusion to the journey, bringing up ideas for the participants to continue meeting and working together.

Artistic Incubators

Study sessions and discussion alongside creation and experiential workshops to develop ideas, joint ventures and artistic connections. The incubators bring together creators from different fields and backgrounds for a creative process inspired by the Jewish-Israeli canon. The incubators enrich the participants and create a platform for the development and promotion of individual and group initiatives in Jerusalem.

Mekorock—Musical Beit Midrash

A groundbreaking national project that combines learning Jewish sources in an experiential way with original musical composition.

Mekorock is intended for youth and adult musicians, and operates throughout the country in cooperation with the National Lottery and the local authorities. Mekorock gives the participants tools for writing and composing and a meaningful stage on which to perform, allowing them to create original songs inspired by the sources, accompanied and guided by first-rate Israeli composers and experienced content creators. Mekorock operates under the management of david Aviv, within the framework and under the supervision of Elul


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