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Elul’s activities help Israeli society deal with the complex reality of multiple opinions, disagreement, and the threat of fragmentation through thoughtful dialogue, mutual respect, and the strengthening of our common foundations.
At Elul we use the beit midrash model to promote dialogue among people and dialogue with the treasures of the Jewish and Israeli canon and to encourage fellowship, listening, curiosity and creative interpretation of the sources.
We believe that the future of Israeli society depends on developing a strong and meaningful Jewish identity, on having deep roots and a connection to our spiritual sources, on a developing a sense of belonging to a nation and a history, and on being actively involved in the community and the culture.
In order to reach every corner of Israeli society, to continue to expand and innovate—we need partners.

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Bank Number 10 Branch Number 912 Account number 29400087

Donations to Elul are recognized for tax purposes under Article 46

A donation to Elul (ID 580149698) is recognized for tax purposes according to section 46 of the
Income Tax Ordinance.

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Aharon Rabinovich St 33, Jerusalem, Israel



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