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Board of Directors

תמונה שעיה בן יהודה ועד מנהל

Shaya Ben Yehuda

Chairman of the Board

Shaya served as Director of the Foreign Relations Division at Yad Vashem for more than 20 years. He was responsible for resource development at Yad Vashem and the Friends of Yad Vashem Associations in over 25 countries around the world.

He facilitated the Jewish Studies program at Mount Scopus School in Melbourne, Australia for 4 years and founded and managed the Efrata School and served as a partner in the Education Committee that accompanied the establishment of the Hartman Institute School.

Shaya holds a B.A. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Talmud and Jewish thought, and an M.A. in Jewish Philosophy. He is a graduate of the Jerusalem Fellows Program.

Shaya has the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and in his served as commander of an armored battalion in the reserves.

תמונה נאוה בן-אור ועד מנהל

Nava Ben-Or

Board of Directors

 Nava is an retired judge of the Jerusalem District Court and former Deputy State Attorney for Criminal Matters. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Law from the Hebrew University as well as an M.A. in History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas from Tel Aviv University. She is married, a mother of two and grandmother of five.

רן סטרומזה ועד מנהל תמונה לאתר

Ran Stromaza

Board of Directors

Ran is a CPA, married and father of three, and a resident of Haifa. He holds bachelor's degree in accounting and economics from the Rupin Academic Center, and is certified as a director of public companies by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel. He is vice president of finance and economics at Israel Railways and Former CFO of Alstom (Citadis) Israel Ltd.

ניבה ראם ועד מנהל תמונה לאתר

Niva Ram

Board of Directors

Niva is a facilitator, organizational consultant and social activist. She was a manager at the Society for the Protection of Nature and Voices in the Negev Center for Training and Guidance for Social Change. Today she is a consultant in the Western Negev cluster of public authorities. Niva holds a bachelor's degree in multidisciplinary studies and a master's degree in entrepreneurship and cultural management, both from Sapir College.

טלי שפר

Tali Schaffer

Board of Directors

Tali has over twenty years of experience in biotech pharma, business development and innovation. She is co-founder and leader of the ADIR-O  Unit for Advanced Development Innovation & IIT Research in clinical Oncology at the Ichilov Medical Center. She is a director and mentor of entrepreneurial ventures from the idea stage to execution and implementation.

מאיר וילנסקי

Meir Wilensky

Board of Directors

Meir has been a member of Kibbutz Ma'ale Hahamisha since its establishment. He is married, father of four children and grandfather of nine grandchildren. Long fascinated with Jewish and Israeli identity, Meir studied at Elul for many years, was ordained a secular Rabbi, is engaged in Jewish renewal, and has designed rituals for milestone ceremonies and holidays. Meir currently works for the Mateh Yehuda Regional Council, providing support and services to retirees and seniors in the area.

נעמי רחל גרנות ועד מנהל

Naomi Granot

Board of Directors

Naomi served as Deputy Director of the Criminal Department at the State Attorney's Office. She holds bachelor's degrees in law, mathematics, and Israeli thought, and a master's degree in Israeli thought from the Hebrew University, and she studied at the Shalom Hartman Institute. She is married to David, a mother of five, and a grandmother.


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